General FAQ

1: What are my benefits on associating with DAANI?

  • Strongest market share
  • Variety of online software products (MLM/Law/SEO)
  • Extensive customer support
  • Transaction through net banking/ credit card/ debit card
  • Reports available live at any stage
  • Attractive commission structure
  • One stop vendor for any kind of software requirement

2: What facilities/services currently available for B2B partners?

  • Sub-partner network and their fund management
  • All reports available online and operational at convenience
  • Transaction through wire transfer & credit card
  • Call centre support for offline as well as online orders

3: What services will be introduced in the upcoming months for B2B partners?

We intend to become a one point contact for all our partners' requirements. Soon we will be introducing:

  • Online customized software for any field
  • Domain booking
  • Search Engine Optimized websites for Partners

4: What criteria are mandatory for an authorized partnership?

The following parameters are required to become a proud authorized partner of DAANI:

  • Should have knowledge of network marketing
  • Should have strong customer base
  • Should be willing to adopt new technology to make software deals
  • Should be ambitious to scale up the current business
  • Should be a proactive person with strong business sense

Booking & Commission Details

1: Will my team receive training for the B2B portal from DAANI?

The system is designed in an elementary way so that a partner who has even a little networking background can practice. The software details and other feature tutorials are already available in the partners' login area on the portal. In case you require, one of our sales relationship managers will get in touch with you to provide more details. You can email us or contact our call centre team on +91-532-3206688 to log your request. We will keep updating about new features.

2: Are there any service charges/taxes on the pricing list quoted on DAANI website?

No, there are no service charges/taxes on the fare given on the site i.e., the fare displayed on site is inclusive of everything.

3: How would a partner will receive its commission?

DAANI follows a ‘cut and pay model' for transactions. Using this method, Daani will deduct only the cost (of the software) from the partner’s account, and the commission will remain with the partner. Partners can also check the same through transaction reports, which makes an effortless transparent record of the commissions per transaction.

4: How do I get to know about my commission details on each and every deal?

You can see the commission details during the transaction with ‘Show/Hide Details' option on the same page. You can also see complete commission summary with the help of the transaction reports. It is also visible on the communication dashboard on the home page.

5: How can I track my commission with DAANI?

Daani provides all reports online on the B2B portal, and you can view/print any report anytime, as per requirement. We also provide all transactions records, as well as account (deposit/credit cards) statements online.

6: How much can I earn in a month?

Please find the details below:

For First Month
S.No. Software package Transaction per package Monthly Earning (INR)
1 Local package Sale (1 Txn./ Month) 5000
2 National package Sale (1 Txn./ Month) 10000
3 International package Sale (1 Txn./ Month) 15000
4 Universal package Sale (1 Txn./ Month) 25000
Total For First Month 55000
Total Avg. Commission for first Month 55000*20/100 = 11000   11000
  Note: 25 working days are taken into account to calculate the monthly figures.
This is based on certain assumption and in actual may vary.

For Second Month
S.No. Software packages Transaction/ package Monthly
1 Local package sale (2 Txn./ Month) 10000
2 National package sale (2 Txn./ Month) 20000

International package sale (2 Txn./ Month) 30000
Universal package sale (2 Txn./ Month) 50000
Total For Second Month   110000
 First Month Payment Accumulated 55000   55000
Current Month Payment 110000   110000
Total Avg. Commission in second Month (55000 + 110000)*30/100 = 11000   49500

7: Do you offer sales incentives for partner as well?

DAANI offers sales incentive schemes, which are demonstrated through our marketing mailers and our DAANI representatives directly. The sales incentive schemes are based on transactions and net business done with us.

8: Can I create a sub-partner network under my name and transact with the same account?

Yes, we have this facility under ‘Branch/User Management' in the ‘Account Management' option on the B2B portal. All transactions will come under the master user name, and the master can see all the transactions, but the sub-user will only be able to see those transactions which are done by him.

9: I have 5 users in my office. Can I create separate login IDs for each of them?

Yes, you can use our ‘User Management' feature on our B2B platform, and can create separate login IDs for each of them. They will use the amount from your account itself, and you can also see the reports for the same.

Accounts & Finance

1: What payment modes can be used for transacting with DAANI?

1) Bank Deposit (Wire Transfer)

2) PayPal

3) Credit Card

4) Western Union

Soon we will be extending our facilities to other payment modes.

2: How much time will it take to transfer the amount in my account?

It generally takes 3-7 working days to transfer the amount.

3: Can I also use pre-paid cards like IT'Z, Oxigen, etc., to make payments?

No, we do not hold these features at the moment, but will be introducing in the near future.

4: Will I get any interest on the present deposit with DAANI?

No, we are a simple software business and simply share best deals with our partners.

5: What is your credit policy?

DAANI does not provide any credit policy because we work on an advance deposit model so that we can provide best deal to our partners. To honor our partners' request for credit, we have a facility of using credit cards on our platform. Soon, our partners will also be able to use their debit cards to make transactions with us.

6: What about TDS deduction and its certificate?

Currently, we deduct TDS every month and then issue the certificate at the end of the financial year. However, soon we will start deducting TDS with each transaction, and issue the final TDS certificate at the end of the financial year.

Support Service/Call Centre Support

1: How can I buy software in case it is not possible to execute it on the B2B site?

If you are not able to buy software n B2B site, you can buy the same software by another procedure. Just send a mail to and you will get the guiding details for successful sign up on your registered e-mail ID. You can thus send us your preference via e-mail.

2: Can I email all software cost in one push to my client?

Yes, we have a special feature E-mail Fare option where you can send all possible options to your clients in one push. This will save a lot of coordination and communication time.

3: Where should I detail my problem if it is not resolved at the helpdesk?

You can send us any query on illustrated email IDs, and if there is no response/late response, you can write to us, and we will revert on the same.

4: Will I get any marketing material from DAANI?

All partners will get a certificate from DAANI at the time of joining and we will also give our signboard as an incentive once you achieve certain number of transactions with us. Brochures will be provided as per requirements to sell any particular package.

5: How will I be informed about new deals?

All deals will be displayed on the home page of B2B portal, and separate updated mailers will be forwarded.

6: Do you have a call centre facility?

Yes, we do have a call centre facility at our head office in Allahabad. We provide customer support from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, on the following number: +18553430580

7: Would DAANI contact my customer for any promotion?

No, DAANI will not contact any customer for any promotion.

8: Can my customer talk to your team in case any assistance is required?

Yes, your customer can talk to us directly, but only in emergency. They can contact us on: +18553430580

Other Service/Information

9: What is your exit policy if I want to end our partnership?

You will have to send us a written intimation/ email with a one month notice period. The commission amount will be settled within the same timeline.

Master Agent FAQ

Who are Master Agents?

Master Agents are the partners who resell DAANI product/services to their own customers. Master Agents completely own the experience of their customers, including sales, support, billing and collections, and account management.

How much can Master Agents charge from clients?

You can set your own rates depending upon your vertical and market conditions. The difference between your set rate and Daani’s minimum software charge will be your profit.

How do Master Agents get paid?

All the payments are upfront and obtained through invoice. Clients will pay Master agents directly for providing services in normal behaviour.

What other services will Master Agents be able to provide?

Master Agents can contribute the following services to their clients:

  • Affiliate Software/ MLM Software
  • Website Design
  • Shopping website
  • SEO
  • Bulk SMS
  • Advocate/Lawyer Software
  • Web Space/ Server
  • ERP Software
  • Education Software
  • Customize Software
  • Mobile App

Are there any other program restrictions?

Yes! Mater Agent has to take onetime upfront payment in (Affiliate/MLM Software) and also wherever required.

How Master Agents are billed each month?

Daani bills for software/services on the first day of each week.

Strategic Agents FAQ

Who are Strategic Agents?

Strategic Agents are independent consultants who traditionally sell on Daani’s behalf. Strategic Agents deliver the initial sale of service to clients and then transfer to us for further account management and ongoing support.

How do Strategic Agents earn commission?

Strategic Agents sell DAANI services/products to clients and earn industry-leading percentage basis commissions on the revenue which DAANI collects from those clients.

How long will Strategic Agents earn commissions?

Strategic Agents earn industry-leading commissions for the life as long as the Strategic Agent as well as the client remains an active participant in the partner program.

When are Strategic Agents paid?

Commissions are paid monthly on the eligible revenue collected in the previous month.

What other services can Strategic Agents provide?

Strategic Agents can offer the following services to their clients:

  • Affiliate/MLM Software
  • Website Design
  • Shopping website
  • SEO
  • Bulk SMS
  • Advocate/Lawyer Software
  • Web Space/ Web Server
  • ERP Software
  • Education Software
  • Customize Software
  • Mobile App

What are the requirements for Strategic Agent consideration program?

Strategic Agents are required to provide their valid business website with customer base along with business existence verification.

Referral Agents FAQ

Who are Referral Agents?

Referral Agents generate and submit leads to DAANI resulting in commission. DAANI completes the sale and provide all account management for active customers.

How does Referral Agents earn commission?

Referral Agents earn a fixed percentage of industry-leading commission for generating turn-up leads.

How long will Referral Agents earn commission?

Referral Agents will earn industry-leading commissions for the life as long as they remain an active participant in the partner program.

When are Referral Agents paid?

Commissions are paid monthly on eligible revenue collected in the previous month.

What other services can Referral Partners provide?

Referral Partners can offer the following services as well:

  • Affiliate/MLM Software
  • Website Design
  • Shopping website
  • SEO
  • Bulk SMS
  • Advocate/Lawyer Software
  • Web Space/ Web Server
  • ERP Software
  • Education Software
  • Customize Software
  • Mobile App
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  • I am lucky to be a Partner of DAANI, It has changed my life. DAANI is excellent company and I have earned good money with DAANI.
  • After completing my MBA, I got chance to own franchisee of DAANI, training and supports from DAANI gave me confidence to establish myself in the market along with good financial growth.